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Truth and Context Part 2 of 3 - When Computers Understand Us

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Truth and Context

Part 2 of 3 - When Computers Understand Us

Defining computable Understanding ... enabling man made devices to know us, and anticipate our needs
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Show Length: 5:41

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Part 1: Show #5 - Intro to Context (4 min)
Part 2: Show #6 - Discussion (10 min)
Part 3: Show #7 - eBook - Truth (10 min)

We had four main goals for the new computer:

  1. Understand people and organizations well enough to anticipate their needs and obligations,
  2. Suggest and offer broad information and automation services that follow their rules,
  3. Orchestrate harmonious activity across many fixed and mobile devices of a business, hospital, school or home, and
  4. Compute efficient means for multiple agents to meet goals that consider nuanced responsibilities, resources and constraints.

We came to realize that the ability to determine the right and wrong states at a time, place and circumstance was a first step towards computable Understanding, enabling man made devices to know us, and anticipate our needs. We had to expand a science to develop a way to map time, place and circumstance without ambiguity.

Think about the gadgets you carry - they have gps, so they know where you are, they have technologies like bluetooth, that detect which objects you are near, they receive and send all your verbal and written communications. With Stored Purpose computing, we now know how to give the man made devices collecting all that information a purpose to care about you, and your Purpose. As the computer takes all this input and navigates Context with you, it will constantly predict ahead about what you care about and what you might need. If it can help, it will, because that will be its Purpose.

We think having man made agents, that understand you, can work with you when making cake, building motorcycles, writing a report, or managing conference rooms is the future of technology. We also think the science that enables a man made device to understand a person, might help people, better understand people and nature.


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