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Truth and Context Part 1 of 3 - Intro to Context

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Truth and Context

Part 1 of 3 - Intro to Context

Is it a fact that your father's brother is your uncle?
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Father-Man-Parent Father-Jesuit-Priest
Show Length 4:22

What is Truth?
What is Context?

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Part 1: Show #5 - Intro to Context (4 min)
Part 2: Show #6 - Discussion (10 min)
Part 3: Show #7 - eBook - Truth (10 min)

When man first attempted “Artificial” Intelligence, programs were written to learn facts

A “fact” was written as: male sibling of parent is an uncle

The idea was that a computer could be taught to understand that if your father John has a brother Paul, then Paul is your Uncle.

None of these programs ever enabled a computer to understand anything

But what is a fact, really?

“father’s brother is your uncle” is not a computable fact

How can that be? Know any Catholics?

to make a Fact computable, it must stay true even in changing circumstances

so we developed a way to link truth to all points of a cycle of constant contextual variation ...
... a cycle that defines the existence of a computation that may be the lifespan of an intelligent entity
... a way to define the true meaning of a complex symbol like Father, which in context may mean Dad, Priest, or even God
... making it possible for an Intelligence to understand intended meaning, whenever and wherever a symbol is used.

We call the loci of multi-dimensional symbols that define an Identity, Context Space and its information store, Contextual Fabric

Brother -- (Man -- Parent) is a good point in Context Space to store a Form for “Uncle”

Thus far, we have only discovered one way to design an intelligent entity ...
... that is to store all parts of Identity ... Symbols, Goals, and Purpose in a Contextual Fabric ... using Purpose hypergraphs

After compiling the first Contextual Fabric, we found we weren’t the first unable to find a better way than the hypergraph ...


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