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What is Stored Purpose? Part 4 of 4 - Agent Mobility to Governance

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What is Stored Purpose

Part 4 of 4

Learn to speak Stored Purpose in forty minutes or less
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Show Length: 10:57

In this series of four (4) ten minute (10 min) podcasts, we introduce machine intelligence and many topics related to the Intelligent Computer. This series will teach you to speak Stored Purpose in forty minutes or less.

Stored purpose is an expansive framework, the first top down redesign of business and consumer technology since the stored program architecture was introduced in 1943. Although radical in its use of an Existence Model as its basis, stored purpose is practical in its approach of making new algorithms compatible with existing commercial hardware. This podcast will highlight several applications in machine science, enterprise technology, infrastructure and life science.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

Figure - Agent Mobility
how your personal agent will traverse networks with you

Figure - Single Client Agent Based System
how your personal agent will help drive your applications
Figure - Electronic Key, ePaper, Smart Pen & Journal
Compatible Technology
Gia enabling the tools we use

Figure - Philosophical Timeline
a basis for pure forms & concepts
Figure - Stored Program Computers End of Life
Stored Program
a brief history of the von Neumann, Eckert, Mauchly architecture

Figure - Complexity in Enterprise Architectures
how stored program creates geometric complexity growth in organizations

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