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EC Container 5
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Illustration: Musician

The goal of this scenario is to illustrate use of Intelligent Computer technology in the home.  
There are several characters mentioned, Richard - the writer and musician, Janet - his wife, Jimmy - his son, Trent - a band member and Dahlia - Trent's daughter.
The scene takes place in the family home and starts with Richard home alone at the piano.
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Illustration: Textiles

A knitting club well known on Craigslist for selling beautiful sewing projects, decides to start its own textile company. They buy a metacomputer for the company with a nexus agent, a camera instrument and two weaver bots.

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Illustration: Truly Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office
When I arrive at the office, automated security opens doors and climate control aligns with my last preferences at home. My work records are neat and orderly, in folders I didn’t organize. Before I've read an inquiry from a Customer, my assistant agent compiles research and prompts resolution options to my headset which I approve, silently.
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