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Stored Purpose - Core Concepts

Stored Purpose - a new approach to computing leveraging the current capability of information science


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Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "Stored Purpose - Core Concepts", wJones Research, October 8, 2010
The concepts of Stored Purpose can be difficult. This is because we may lack needed vocabulary to consider a world, in which anything but us, is intelligent. Also, once we seriously consider the Purpose of intelligent machines, we are immediately faced with a far more difficult question, specifically, what is our Purpose, what will we do, what will be choose to become?

If your primary interest is in Stored Purpose Philosophy or future applications, we recommend starting with Philosophy of the Mind, Higher Existence Levels or Time Horizons sections using the index on the right.

If your interests lay in discovering amazing new technology, you may want read the Stored Purpose Concepts pages from start to end. There are links at the top and bottom of each page to assist. Later pages will be easier to understand if you follow the recommended order.

We start with these core concepts:

Stored Purpose Metacomputer

This is physical product of our work, a single machine that can 1) span many devices and 2) host intelligent agents, able to predict needs and do work on a person’s behalf. We think this design should be the foundation for a new generation of Infrastructure, including smart devices, hospitals, schools and cities.
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Goal Pursuit

Our first “big” breakthrough. A simple mechanical design that will enable a new generation of products to autonomously “act” without explicit instruction.
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We found out that before something can pursue a goal, it must exist. To exist, it must first have a definition. With that definition, which we called Identity, making existence was merely a matter of enabling a perpetual pursuit of Goals to align the measured Self with Identity. Simple!
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Timespace Theory

OK, solving for existence wasn’t that simple, but when we divided the problem into three less complicated parts, Construction, Translation and Expression ... we found a way to make it all work.
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