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What are the potential safety issues? How will they be addressed?


Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "What are the potential safety issues? How will they be addressed?", wJones Research, April 23, 2010

Stored purpose systems will be inherently more safe than non-intelligent systems. This is because unlike legacy stored-program systems, that execute program logic with no understanding of consequence, each action performed by an intelligent computer must align with its Identity, a definition of “right” and “wrong” defined by the system’s authority (o.patron). Also, systems will have additional high priority “curtailment” Purpose that explicitly defines Goals for safety (o.protect) and legal authority (o.legal).
Agent Purpose Bands

That said, Stored purpose systems will eventually process very complex Purpose, consisting of thousands or millions of Goals. They will also be able to learn, if granted the requisite degrees of freedom. To validate the decision processes of these complex systems, new technologies will have to be developed over the next two years to test and monitor processing. As stored purpose starts to displace stored program systems, software engineers will need to retrain, learning new types of processing logic, that will include curtailment, prioritization, valuation and mediation. They will need to convert from “programming” explicit instructions to “balancing” Goals and Purpose and “mediating” intent among agents. Civil infrastructure will need to be upgraded to enable police to validate Purpose of mobile intelligent systems. Transportation infrastructure will need to be upgraded to enable bots to refuel, recharge and travel as cargo.

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