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Illustration: A place for Stored Purpose computers in my practice?

Medical Practice

The stored purpose computer design anticipates that machines will augment, not replace human labor.

They have been designed to understand and serve the needs and expectations of people with great precision and subtlety. They have been designed to store analogs of human goals and experience. They have also been designed with strict controls on Purpose, goal pursuit and learning.

In short, stored purpose systems were designed to become good companions to workers.


Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "Illustration: A place for Stored Purpose computers in my practice?", wJones Research, January 18, 2010
The lab notes the proximity of my patient, loads the scheduled imaging procedure, and illuminates the suite before we even press open the door. When scanning is complete, the results are displayed on the near HD display with potential anomalies highlighted for my review. After our consultation, my instructions are exchanged automatically with the pharmacy nexus and the patient’s assistant agent, helping to keep him on track with medications and exercise.

Billing information is exchanged without word, payments are handled automatically. Reception no longer has a desk or physical files, tending to patient comfort in our large waiting area, made possible when paper files were removed.

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