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Illustration: Littlebox Retail

Littlebox Retail

The stored purpose computer design anticipates that machines will augment, not replace human labor.

They have been designed to understand and serve the needs and expectations of people with great precision and subtlety. They have been designed to store analogs of human goals and experience. They have also been designed with strict controls on Purpose, goal pursuit and learning.

In short, stored purpose systems were designed to become good companions to workers.


Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "Illustration: Littlebox Retail", wJones Research, January 18, 2010

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A teacher with an assistant agent goes shopping by car. He is interested in finding books and materials needed for an art project he will conduct with students.

While driving, the teacher’s a.assistant sees a beacon transponder for a local bookstore and initiates a query to determine availability of the desired book. The bookstore’s nexus agent responds that the book is in stock and sends proximity sensor information for the precise shelf location.

Once in the shop, the teacher’s agent updates his mobile communicator display to show the shelf location of the book. Having ensured he’s found the right book, the teacher fingers his communicator device to complete a purchase.

As he approaches the store’s entry/exit area with the book, the store’s senior book seller, made aware that a new customer is in the store by his a.assistant, introduces himself and thanks him for the purchase. He lets him know about the Craft Books club and also suggests the local Bigbox as a source for the particular clay needed for the ceramics style covered by the book.

After leaving the store, the teacher’s assistant agent directs the car’s GPS to locate the nearest Bigbox. When approaching the store, the agent questions its beacon transponder to determine if the clay is in inventory. The Bigbox a.nexus responds that it is in stock and can have the clay waiting at the Customer Pick-up upon arrival. The assistant agent chirps the teacher with a confirmation prompt, “Buy @$4.39? yes, no.” The teacher touches yes and after a brief stop at pick-up, retrieves his package.

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