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Illustration: Truly Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office

The stored purpose computer design anticipates that machines will augment, not replace human labor.

They have been designed to understand and serve the needs and expectations of people with great precision and subtlety. They have been designed to store analogs of human goals and experience. They have also been designed with strict controls on Purpose, goal pursuit and learning.

In short, stored purpose systems were designed to become good companions to workers.


Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "Illustration: Truly Intelligent Office", wJones Research, January 18, 2010
When I arrive at the office, automated security opens doors and climate control aligns with my last preferences at home. My work records are neat and orderly, in folders I didn’t organize. Before I've read an inquiry from a Customer, my assistant agent compiles research and prompts resolution options to my headset which I approve, silently.

The presentation I edited just minutes ago awaits on the HD display. Lights turn on when I enter the room and dim when I start the presentation. When the meeting goes long, my train reservation is updated and my "housekeeper" notifies my husband's agent assistant his access to the stove has been unblocked. As I leave the building, a taxi I didn’t call, arrives.

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