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Illustration: How could Stored Purpose computers help education?


The stored purpose computer design anticipates that machines will augment, not replace human labor.

They have been designed to understand and serve the needs and expectations of people with great precision and subtlety. They have been designed to store analogs of human goals and experience. They have also been designed with strict controls on Purpose, goal pursuit and learning.

In short, stored purpose systems were designed to become good companions to workers.


Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "Illustration: How could Stored Purpose computers help education?", wJones Research, January 18, 2010
When we enter the classroom in the morning, the students' computers have all the handouts, assignments and references I scheduled for the day. My prepared presentations auto-play at the right time. The system knows each student's learning style and abilities and provides them with the smartly tailored subset of learning materials. Parents' calendars are auto-synchronized with scheduled trips, conferences and recitals. The system monitors student progress and provides me with a comprehensive report and recommendations...

Stored Purpose computers would help my school become smarter, more efficient and accommodating.

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