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The New User Interface: Human - Machine Mind

Human-Machine User Interface
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the User Interface of the Future is Like Nothing You've Imagined

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Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "The New User Interface: Human - Machine Mind", wJones Research, July 23, 2010
In our next Intelligent Computer Podcast, we will look at a future computer technology straight from the predictions of Alan Turing, Ray Kurzwell and Jeff Hawkins ... the interface between the human and machine mind made possible by Stored Purpose and the General Intelligence Algorithm. The following is a brief summary of the topics that will be covered.
At a Glance
  1. agents will be better than humans at controlling traditional automation technology
  2. future technology will work primarily without measurable communication, people will rarely touch or directly manipulate devices
  3. the agent-human interface will be based primarily on a type of human-agent telepathy, called semantic communication, radically changing the types of products you might buy from companies like General Electric
  4. like the singularity, the new science's contextual coincident motion and prompting gestures will share little resemblance with today's user interfaces, thus going beyond the innovative technology vision of notables such as Ray Kurzwell and Jeff Hawkins
  5. humans will gain the ability to join and surf consciousness with machine minds by simply "jacking-in", giving humans by proxy, an ability to see into their own minds, and when allowed, the minds of others
  6. knowledge of the existence model (Ema) process of goal pursuit, in which Purpose is exercised by way of technology, will greatly clarify the fundamental understanding of "user interface" and promote it to a science
  7. intelligent mechatronics designers will face a major interface challenge in protecting balance, i.e. ensuring tools with machine minds enhance rather than diminish the biological technical capacity of humans and ecosystems

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