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Towards a Logical Data Model for Genetics - Guide

Machine intelligence may offer a "manual" to the logical structures of genetics and neuroscience



Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "Towards a Logical Data Model for Genetics - Guide", wJones Research, July 28, 2010
Do we now have a path to determine the detailed information in chromosomes?
Will the genetic design of man-made intelligent systems help uncover design details of biology?

In three articles, we explore how the Stored Purpose' Existence model architecture (Ema) may change our understanding of genetics and neurological sciences.

At a Glance

Article #1, Thought Experiment: Thomas Edison receives a broken iPod
We explore two levels of discovery into an unknown, complex information based system, first Edison’s team operating “blind” and later “sighted” with the aid of a computer manual.
Article #2, Genetic Software
How do you put intelligence in cloud infrastructure? It's all about the "software"
Article #3, Understanding Logic Design in Genetics, Ten (10) Predictions
Is nature subject to the same constraints as man when designing intelligent systems? In this paper, we assume the answer is "Yes"and use our knowledge of Ema to make ten (10) preliminary predictions about the nature of genetics.
Article #4, Predicting the Nature of Genetics, a Deeper Dive
As a continuation of Article #3, we explore our preliminary predictions in greater detail citing recent studies.
Components of an Intelligent Computer

Thought Experiment: Thomas Edison Receives a Broken iPod >>

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