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Consulting - Creative Services

Creative Services - Science Fiction Story & Plot - Future Science Consulting

wJones - Inventors of Stored Purpose Machine Intelligence

In 2010, wJones became the first company in the world with a patent pending architecture for true machine intelligence. We offer our expertise to assist in development of concepts and technical details for creative projects related to next generation computers, intelligent agents, human-computer interfaces, man-made existence, machine intelligence, ecosystem intelligence, mind transfer, future city design, consciousness, artificial life and biological intelligence.

As the company works to build the technologies of the future, it can advise today on concepts described in movies such as Avatar, Terminator, the Matrix and Ironman, television shows such as Battlestar Gallactica and Caprica, and books such as Isaac Asimov’s iRobot and Dan Simmons Hyperion. The company can help your project illustrate how these technologies will be made real.

Changing the Landscape of Science Fiction

It is no longer a question of if or even when smart computers will think like humans. The new question is, what will we do when they get here?
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wJones not only has expertise in technology, but in secondary scenario development related to the potential societal impact of new technologies. We can specifically assist with the development of stories, graphics and technology prototypes for use in:
  1. Future science and science fiction story and plot development for:
    1. Books
    2. Television
    3. Movies
  2. Plot enrichment, explanations of science in pre-existing storylines related to Intelligent agent, intelligent machine character development
  3. Prototypes
    1. Human-agent interfaces
    2. Joint consciousness
      1. Merging reality
      2. Browsing/surfing
    3. Metacomputer design
    4. Intelligent agent persona
  4. Graphic illustrations, scene and set design
    1. Platonic Forms, knowledge essence, mind data
    2. Mental processes
    3. Machine design
      1. autonomous mobile bots
      2. data center hosts / mainframes
      3. future mobile devices
      4. fixed instruments that allow a metacomputer to operate any tool/technology
  5. Future planning, reports
For a complete list of story development questions that can be answered by Stored Purpose, please follow this link.

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