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EC Container 5


Automation Appliance  is a reference platform designed to help hardware manufacturers, software developers and solutions providers become familiar with Stored purpose computing while operating system, instrument and agent primitives are being developed.
All product descriptions and renderings describe possible future solutions and are subject to change. wJones Company makes no promise, commitment or guarantee with regard to any system, product, feature, service, specification, release date or attribute described herein.


In the future, two watt personal computer will be available in several forms, tailored to specific applications. The options will range from fully enclosed units for industrial use, to wall mounted room displays, to pocket devises for office and personal use.

Each unit will be a full featured personal computer and communicator with:
  • Twenty-four hour battery
  • Wired (HDMI) and wireless display projection
  • GPS and proximity location
  • Camera

Personal Computer


  • denoting an electric device that boots slowly, runs out of storage, isn't a real phone, can't be trusted to secure a garage door and certainly never to control a power plant
  • draws power equivalent to four light bulbs when resting
  • typically tethered to a mouse, keyboard, display and desk
It seems our engineers didn't read their dictionary ...

Announcing the world's first two watt PC

(that also connects wirelessly to your displays and runs for 24 hours on a single battery charge)


out of the box, in your pocket

Mobile PC

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