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Automation Appliance - Overview

Planning Future Solutions

The Automation Appliance reference platform can help accelerate your move to intelligent Stored Purpose solutions.

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Warren Jones, Lana Rubalsky (2010) "Automation Appliance - Overview", wJones Research, August 16, 2010
The Automation Appliance (Automapp) is a metacomputer designed and developed in the United States by wJones. It was created as a reference platform for development of enterprise, factory automation and consumer product solutions based upon the Stored Purpose computer architecture, and is not offered for direct sale.

The Automation Appliance metacomputer executes logic by coordinating the simultaneous operation of all component Instruments. It is being sold as an alternative to the von Neumann stored program architecture, dominant since 1945, which requires enterprises manage a patchwork of separate enterprise systems (server, network, PC, laptop, mobile, music player, smart display, sensor, radio frequency beacon, industrial controller).
Goal Pursuit for a Hospital

Unlike system management environments, such as those offered by IBM Tivoli and BMC, which offer a management layer atop existing information technology, Automation Appliance is closer to a “clean sweep” approach. New products, built by manufacturers levering the Automapp host pair and instrument designs, would eventually replace prior generation products. The Automapp design provides a virtualization layer to support multi-year stored program to stored purpose transitions.

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