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Our Work

General Intelligence Algorithm
wJones & Company, Inc. is a North Potomac, MD USA based research and development firm specializing in genetic software technology called Stored Purpose, and next generation intelligent cloud infrastructure for hosting Stored Purpose applications.

Major architectural components include:
A complete end-to-end framework, Stored Purpose was designed by the company's founders to be compatible with current electronics technology and suitable for general use in any applications that require limited or ecopoetic intelligence:
  • metro-regional infrastructure design and coordination
  • 100% sustainable infrastructures
  • health, emergency and safety monitoring and coordination
  • human intent cognition, intelligent prediction and modeling
  • least cost transit coordination for energy, materials and passengers
  • human+agent cooperative manufacturing
  • assistive and adaptive text/speech/video communication
  • bio-technology informatics research and development
What is an Intelligent Computer?
Since 1945, computers have run “stored programs,” specific procedures for data input, output and processing. In 1950, Alan Turing, the inventor of computer program logic, predicted that by the year 2000, people would create a more advanced technology ... intelligent machines able to think like people.

We now know that intelligence requires more than a computer ... a metacomputer, able to store and understand Purpose, able to choose and pursue goals that align with its Purpose, able to employ technology to act.

But, before machines could be made intelligent, scientific advances were required ...
Those inventions and more are the work of the wJones Company.
What is an Intelligent Computer?
What we do
We advance existence science and advise companies and governments considering developing or implementing Stored Purpose applications.
Time Horizons (H1 - H3)
Custom Stored Purpose applications can be built today. An open platform for physical device and operating system makers, called Automation Appliance, is planned for 2012. A broader fabric for metro-regional, corporate and government applications, called Omega Infrastructure, is planned for 2015.
H1 - Intelligent Technologies - 2010 and beyond
Use of Stored Purpose technology to enhance existing stored program applications
H2 - Reference Platform - 2012 and beyond
Campus and regional metacomputer prototypes
H3 - Omega Infrastructure - 2015 and beyond
Advanced metro and corporate applications employing pervasive intelligence
Why we do what we do …
Stored Purpose offers a new generation of technologies that can be built in the USA. It provides a framework for advances in national infrastructure, business, manufacturing and education. We believe its methods to define Purpose and sustain balance, can help man steward a safer, smarter world.

Co-founders and Principals

Warren Jones, Managing Research Director
Warren Jones
Lead architect for the Existence Model Architectures (Ema) including the General Intelligence Algorithm (Gia) and Metacomputer Fabric for Agents. Designed processes, logic sequencing, computability requirements. Developed logic for Purpose, Goal, Identity, Goal Pursuit, Context, Curtailment philosophy. Designed architectures for metacomputing communications, CPU/GPU processing strategy, prediction, Gia process flow, metacomputing kernel. Broad knowledge and foundations in computational architecture, philosophy, history and design. Expertise in low level machine control and management of global data, knowledge and communications systems. Has spoken for companies and at conferences on future technology strategies and next generation computing platforms. As CIO, directed enterprise systems development and implementation. As Cryptologist with the Department of Defense, managed large cryptographic environments, directed a satellite information reporting system and designed one of the first implementations of least cost routing and dynamic information mapping for a global networked information system.
Affiliations: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, DLA Piper LLP, CACI - Vredenburg, United States Navy, National Security Agency, Naval Research Laboratory, Averett University, United States Naval Academy, Bell Laboratories
Lana Rubalsky, Knowledge Sciences Director
Lana Rubalsky
Co-architect for the General Intelligence Algorithm (Gia) and Metacomputer Fabric for Agents. Architect for Stage Reality Interface and detailed Gia Form design. Prior director and manager of knowledge and informatics at two global firms. Defines data requirements, interface design, Internet communications format and layout requirements. Designed detailed Goal form logic including Symbolic Alphabet, Symbol Relationship layout, Symbol Annotation and Gia Context Notation summary and detail formats. Extensive experience in automating business processes, Internet systems design, database design, user interface design, search and database technologies. Expertise in education and psychology. Broad experience and expertise in developing and implementing advanced technology solutions to meet diverse needs.
Affiliations: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, DLA Piper LLP, St. Petersburg University, Nekrasov College

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